If you cannot find a pannier or bag in our offer that you need and looking for, and if you’re reading these words – then know that you¬†are only a few clicks away from the fulfillment of your¬†dream of the ideal equipment.

You have the idea, we have the sewing room with professional heavy machines, seam sealing technology, warehouse with fabrics (including Cordura), haberdashery, buckles and plastics. But most of all we have knowledge, experience Рboth as craftsmen and users. And we love to take up new challenges.

Since the beginning we are happy to take the orders for personal needs from travelers.¬†Contact with you, phone calls and e-mails which beats up energy and passion are very nice and inspiring.¬†The companies products are in constant development gaining from your expedition experiences from around the globe. For the first years of Crosso company we’ve been producing our panniers mostly seasonal, as there were only few passionate cyclists and kayakers who needed this kind of products. Recently, thanks to rapidly growing popularity of bicycle traveling our factory is working around the clock all year. The inevitable cost of ¬†quick development was loosing the direct contact with You, passionate individuals, hence the whole distribution process was handed to professionals in the field. However the very missed core of Crosso – supporting your extraordinary outdoor ideas – resulted in coming back to the basics. Thats how the Crosso Manufacture was brought to life.

Manufacture of the special panniers and bags is going to work along our regular line of products. Thats why we have very limited resources of time to help you with your special orders. Please keep in mind following regulations of Crosso Manufacture:

РManufacture works once a week, wchich means that you can wait even seven days for response

РLimited time of our workforce results in longer period of delivery the product. You will be informed in front about the expected waiting time. Keeping that in mind, we are not taking immediate orders

– Manufacture aims to satisfy highly sophisticated needs of travelers. It means we will not repair the zip in your suitcase.

– All products made by Manufacture will be signed with Crosso logo in the visible place.

– We are capable of printing graphics on the fabrics, however in most cases we are refusing this kind of requests.

This is how it works